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Plans And Pricing

Maintenance Wash


Estimated Time :1 Hours

  • Foam-gun application
  • Degreaser applied on lower half of vehicle
  • Hand washed using PH neutral shampoo with grit guard
  • Wheels cleaned with a iron/brake dust remover
  • Vehicle dried with plush ultra-soft microfiber towels
  • Vacuum clean up and wipe down
  • Tires dressed and outside glass cleaner
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Protection Package


Estimated time:2-3 Hours

  • Includes Maintenance Wash
  • Paint decontamination
  • Clay bar
  • Paint sealant applied
  • Protects for 6-8 months
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Interior Detail


Estimated Time :2-5 Hours

  • Carpet shampooed with hot water extractor
  • Interior steam cleaned (kills bacteria and germs)
  • Cleaned/steamed ventilation
  • Leather cleaned/conditioned
  • Interior fully vacuumed
  • Interior wipe down
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  • Full shampoo Steam cleaning
  • Leather cleaner Conditioner
  • Wipe down Exterior
  • foam Cannon application with wash and wax.
  • Glass Wheel and tires
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Mile High Packages

Mile High Basic Package



  • Includes Maintenance Wash
  • Clay bar
  • Paint decontamination
  • 1-stage polish
  • Paint sealant
  • (Ceramic coating available)
  • Protection: 6 months
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Modesta Paint Coating



  • 2-3 years protection
  • Self cleaning effect
  • Great for daily driver
  • Water repellent
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Modesta Paint Coating



  • BC-04
  • 3-10+ years protection
  • Advanced protection against aging. Nano titanium glass coating
  • Deep shine
  • Extremely hydrophobic
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Mile High Packages

Modesta Paint Coating



  • Private Label Coating
  • 3-10+ years protection
  • 2 layer base coat and top coat.
  • The ultimate paint protection available!!
  • Amazing gloss and shine.
  • Extremely hydrophobic
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External Plastic Coating



  • Brings faded plastic back
  • Makes better than new again
  • 1-2 years protection
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Paint correction is not included, If there is paint correction needed depending on the time needed to correct the vehicle and achieve a nearly perfect car show finish!  Paint correction rate is 87.00 per hour. 
Modesta is the only coating that thickens the paint from your vehicle to have more clear coat that you started with. On average modesta when applied has 10-15 more microns of clear/coating on your vehicle for it to have the most amount of protection possible! 
We do have other options for ceramic coatings that are a great 2nd option. 
Gtechniq crystal serum light
Starting at 699.00
3-5 year protection
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