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Mile High Image Detail Shop: Car Detailing at Its Finest

Meticulous attention to detail and white glove treatment for your ride!

Here at Mile High Image Detailing in Denver we specialize in Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film also known as Clear Bra. Our services that we provide including Ceramic Coating and Paint protection Film are Paint Correction, wet sanding, orange peel removal, tint, powder coating, chrome delete.

We specialize in all types of vehicles anything from Full Body Xpel Paint Protection Film on your Tesla Model 3, all the way to Applying a Modesta Ceramic coating to your Lamborghini Huracan. No Matter the vehicle, we offer the best quality Colorado has to offer. Big or small we can do the job.

-10 year warranty on Xpel Paint protection Film and Suntek Paint Protection Film.

-Modesta Worlds Best Ceramic Coating is available

-wrapped edges and more!

We work to the highest standard for every job we perform –  paint correction, wet sanding, orange peel removal, tint, powder coating, paint protection film and ceramic coatings.

Our clients in the Denver area vary from private collectors and avid car enthusiasts, all the way to those who simply want a clean and protected vehicle for their daily driver.

With years of experience and extremely satisfied customers, Mile High Image has the competitive advantage over detailers across the country to give our customers a superior finish and next-level protection.

We specialize in XPEL Paint Protection Film and Modesta glass/ceramic coatings.

A combination with the best paint protection from XPEL and the best finish and gloss, courtesy of a Modesta glass/ceramic coating, will allow your vehicle to be a head Turner among any car show, cruise along with your friends or just in the parking lot at your work.

If you love daily driving your Tesla, or taking your Porsche on the track or even just have a specialty vehicle you want protected for a future investment, we have the perfect paint protection solution for you! Request an appointment from us today to learn what we can do for your vehicle!


Mile High Image Detailing

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